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For prototyping some ideas, I built a penplotter/cnc-machine a few years ago, using Grbl_Esp32 and materials I got from a local hardware store and a controller board from BDring



Recently, the creators of Grbl_Esp32 made FluidNC , which is a major upgrade of the old controller software, which has a lot more options to build any CNC machine with a (cheap) ESP32 board.


However, the interface to manage the machine is based of some 10+ year old code, and needs an upgrade. Or imho, a complete re-write.
So, I started a new little project to build a browsers-based CNC interface (HMI).

The main goals of my project:

  • intuitive interface
  • connect to FluidNC machines
  • runs on any device
  • easy to modify the code/interface
  • clear design
  • hide configuration as much as possible
  • robust

This is still very much a work a work-in-progress, but the main structure is there.

Dashboard (HMI)

Code: WebCNC